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coronavirus – coronavirus disease (covid-19)

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The coronavirus is affecting all of us. The global coronavirus crisis has drastically changed our lives – even in Pakistan. In fact, the crisis has also shown us that compared to people in many other countries, we are well looked after here thanks to our efficient health system.Unfortunately, many countries face a different situation. We should therefore show solidarity and help to save lives in the long term. For 20 years, the SACH has been committed to helping the Pakistan most vulnerable people and has launched a response fund to fight the pandemic. The aim is to prevent people from dying from COVID-19 and other diseases in developing and emerging in particular. Essentially, we have a clear strategy that focuses on prevention, detection and emergency aid. In the long term, people Pakistani should be better protected against disease and have the chance to grow up and live healthily

Thanks to your donation and the organizations that meet our selection criteria, you will make a significant contribution to achieving a long-term improvement in the current situation. In addition, SACH covers all of the Organization costs, which means that 100 percent of your donation will go directly where it’s needed most.

Give people in remote areas a better chance of health

Two examples from the COVID-19 Response Fund that bring essential health services to neglected areas.

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Integrate Health or Last Mile Health are committed to providing broad sections of the population with access to high-quality basic healthcare. They save lives in the most neglected areas of the by integrating professional community health workers. These community health workers carry out educational activities or provide direct medical support to protect the population from a variety of diseases and to offer treatment.

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