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How to sponsor an orphan child?

There are many girls who have lost their parents at a very young age. Orphan girls are left with relatives and friends for who the extra children is often a burden which frequently results in abuse or orphan homes. Orphan girls are most of the time not being accepted by relatives, and often end up begging in the street in a vulnerable condition if they don’t receive care in time. sponsor an orphan


The project is providing education and looks after the orphan girls. The aim is to give the orphan girls education with care so that they can grow up like healthy and confident girls. We encourage the older orphan girls to study and help them to find jobs or training opportunities to make them independent.sponsor an orphan

£30 a month can sponsor an orphan. Help change their lives and start your sponsorship now.

Imagine witnessing the moment your mother or father takes their last breath?

Losing a parent is a traumatic experience for everyone but for a child who is already living in extreme poverty, the pain is worse. Most orphans have no choice but to abandon their childhood to work or beg, most are emaciated from the lack of food or sickness and are either taken advantage of or abused.

How to sponsor an orphan child?

Long-Term Impact

Good care and education gives the youngsters a chance to excel in life and give back to the community. The opportunities continue to grow as more children become young adults and start their own independent life, which is often a great example for the younger ones.

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How to sponsor an orphan child?
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