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Social Aid for Common Humanitarian (SACH) is non-profit Charitable organization working for the betterment of marginalized and vulnerable communities throughout Sindh province with particularly focus on poverty stricken and disaster prone areas.

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The foundations of the organization were laid in 2008 by a group of like-minded and like-mandated persons from different walks of life having good working experience in their relevant field especially public health, gender empowerment, education community development, disaster risk management and climate change risk reduction.

SACH is a legal entity and is registered under Society Act (1860) in 2011. The organization strongly believes that mobilization for building peace & harmony with fraternity through community mobilization, social welfare and humanitarian work.

The organization aims at promotion of education (primary, vocational, technical & religious) especially in far lung and deprived areas of Sindh province. The office of the organization is located in Badin, Sindh, Pakistan.

This is a well acknowledged fact that the bestowed important incentives on human beings since earliest times for individual and collective actions for social welfare and reducing the vulnerabilities of different kinds.

SACH believes very firmly in working with and though philanthropists, partnership with government to address civic and humanitarian affairs of marginalized and vulnerable community towards a development of sustainable society with peace and prosperity.

Social Aid for Common Humanitarian (SACH) considers strengthening of marginalized community, local civil society and local bodies to work effectively and efficiently for sustainable development.

Since establishment the organizations has been working directly with vulnerable and marginalized along with a good understanding and related knowledge of geographic areas which are affected rapidly.

SACH mainly focus on socioeconomic development and resilience building of those communities who are the most vulnerable and marginalized.

The organization makes utmost efforts to minimize the sufferings of local communities through increasing resilience associated with their lives and livelihoods. Up to now, the organization has worked in major humanitarian emergencies and grievances experienced by the local communities living in eastern-south of the province.

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Helping the Poor
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Resilient and healthy life entertaining more empowered socioeconomically through enhancing life and livelihoods related education, skills and knowledge for leading a life in dignified and equitable manner.


Strengthening and building capacity of marginalized and vulnerable communities including the most vulnerable elements enabling them more empowered to contribute as well as build equitable, judicious and resilient society to sustainable development for ensuring livelihood security in the context of changing climate.