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Build a Mosque

The mosque is the heart of the community , offering much more than a place of worship. As well as offering education, it is seen a base from which essential community services are delivered. Priority for this project is given to rural towns and villages – areas where there is less money but greater need.  

Build a Mosque

Build a mosque in this world
and build your palace in Jannah!

Mosques are as old as Islam itself; and build a mosque just as the Prophet (ﷺ) helped to build the first mosque in Medina, you can help bring a masjid to people who’ve never known the blessings of praying together in a mosque. Help build a mosque for your ummah in need.

Uplift a community with your Sadaqah today, build a masjid with us!


Mosques are also used throughout the week for prayer, study, or simply as a place for rest and reflection.

The main mosque of a city, used for the Friday communal prayer, is called a jami masjid, literally meaning “Friday mosque,” but it is also sometimes called a congregational mosque in English.

The style, layout, and decoration of a mosque can tell us a lot about Islam in general, but also about the period and region in which the mosque was constructed.

Masjid plays a basic role to establish a good environment in a Muslim society. Masjid is not only a place of worship, it is also a place where people meet and greet. In this way, a social system prevails everywhere. For this reason, Masjid is the base of Muslim society is sadaqah.

The one who is regular to Masjid is more attached to the people and knows the condition of the people; he can help them in their troubles and becomes a good Muslim.

Normally what we build in this world is only for this world like our house, factory, shop, etc. But what a great reward to build a masjid has; when we donate to build a masjid, we earn a house in Jannah. It is stated in many ahadees with different wordings that the one who construct a masjid deserves a house in Jannah.

Let us read a few ahadees in this regard;
“من بنی مسجدا للہ تعالی بنی اللہ لہ بیتا فی الجنة” The one who builds a Masjid for the pleasure of Allah Almighty; Allah Almighty would build a house for him in paradise. (Sahih Muslim) “من بنی للہ مسجداصغیرا کان او کبیرا بنی اللہ لہ بیتا فی الجنة” whoever builds a masjid for the sake of Allah Almighty ‘whether it is small or large’ Allah Almighty builds a house for him in paradise. (Sunan Tirmizi).

Build a Small Mosque

Build a Medium Mosque

Build a Large Mosque

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medium mosque
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Why you should donate?

“Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, then Allah will build for him a house like it in Paradise.”