Education – 100 Orphan and Vulnerable Children

Free Orphan Education Program

Education Orphan and vulnerable children who have either lost one or both parents live in extreme poverty with their guardians with little access to basic needs. Brave Hearts’ educational project covers children’s school fees, tutorial lessons, after school meals, school uniforms and materials. Children receive after school meals and tutorial lessons at our drop in center with a library and other services. SACH helps these children build a bright future through quality education and holistic care.


The number of orphans has more than 250 million on the world, when no embraced to them, they away from society, lack of education and learning rights, unresisting in the face of life’s challenges, can be used easily by terrorism and benefit focus, mainly including organ mafia abused several outbreaks to orphans.

This project was created where will be applied in all towns in our country. At the same time, with this project, we work to remind that helping and protecting orphans is the duty of humanity and humanity is responsible from each are losing orphans against poor living conditions. This project is carrying a lot value in terms of able to empathize with the orphans, leave an impression on their lives albeit small.

Donations will use for education expenses of orphans and it will obtain that reintegrate orphans to social society easily. As SACH initiated support campaign with our sources to orphans which we have their information from 950 towns of Pakistan. All donors could be follow conditions and information of orphans on website and could be have knowledge about orphans.

SACH education project supports orphan and vulnerable children to stay in school and succeed by covering their school fees, providing them with school bags, uniforms and materials. The project also delivers quality education by providing the children additional tutorial lessons after school. The children have access to healthy after school meals so they remain energized and focused on their studies at our drop in center. Children previously in this project are now studying in university

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