Emergency Relief

The last decade has been challenging for Pakistan. Earthquake, annual flood since 2008, and internal displacement triggered by civil conflict in 2011-12, have shocked this fragile and complex nation.

SACH has been at the forefront of its emergency response throughout this time. The charity has regularly been on hand to provide shelter, medical aid, food (both cooked and dry rations), water, utensils, and clothing to disaster victims.
Emergency relief is crucial for disaster victims who are still disorientated and coming to terms with their new situations. Since 2011, the SACH organization has provided emergency relief to thousands of disaster victims in Sindh, Pakistan.

Emergency Relief

Flooding has become an annual occurrence for much of Pakistan. Though now accustomed, families prone to flooding are too poor to mitigate against the dangers posed by the seasonal rains. Many therefore find themselves displaced or dispossessed each year the floods arrive.

Since the floods in Sindh 2011-12, the SACH organization has responded each year to the damages caused by floods. The charity’s relief centers on establishing tent villages that provide temporary accommodations for victims until the waters subside.

We provided cooked food, dry food rations, medical treatment, and free schooling in this village.

Emergency Relief

Responding to Conflicts:

During 2011-12, the conflict between the government and militant group in the district of Badin to the displacement of nearly 2.5 million people. It was the most significant internal displacement suffered in the country since its formation.

SACH established tent and medical camps for displaced families in Badin. Cooked food and dry rations were also provided as free schooling for children.

The charity also established vocational centers and communal shelters for vulnerable widowed and orphaned families.

Thousand of families were supported in this period of displacement, and many now returned home.

Emergency Relief