Priority needs – Flood 2022 in Pakistan


Food Security and Nutrition
To sustain the people living in the flood-affected areas nationwide, the Government of Pakistan needs to
support some 5.5 million families with food, as well as nutrition support for children and breastfeeding
mothers. This support would be for an initial period of six months and would be delivered through provision of standardized food packs to feed a family for two weeks. Nutrition supplements are also needed.

Shelter and Non-Food Items

With over 197,000 houses destroyed, over 298,000 houses partially damaged, and widespread losses of
household items, temporary shelters and basic NFIs are needed to support the affected population.
Provisions needed to enable this are tents, temporary shelters, temporary toilets, clothing for children and adults, blankets, plastic mats, sleeping bags, mosquito nets, kitchen sets and torchlights, as well as jerry cans and toiletry kits.


COVID-19 as well as waterborne diseases and other flood-related illnesses are straining the health system, which is also operating at reduced capacity due to the impact of the floods. Urgent needs exist for the delivery of health services, the establishment of medical camps, the supply of medicines and the provision vaccinations. The Government has identified the following as critically needed: Rapid Antigen Testing (RAT) kits, cholera kits, Dengue kits, anti-snake venom and oral rehydration salts (ORS), as well as surgical gloves, first aid kits, safe delivery kits, mosquito nets, Ultra Low Volume (ULV) foggers, and various medicines.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

To supply clean drinking water to people affected by the floods, the Government has determined the need for water filtration units at the household level and community water filtration plants, while repellents and sprays are needed to mitigate the risk of insect-borne diseases that has heightened due to the prevalence of standing water resulting from the floods. Sanitation and hygiene solutions are also needed, including temporary toilets, toiletries, hygiene kits and washing materials.

Livelihoods and Livestock support

Livestock are crucial for the livelihoods and sustenance of many of the affected population. To stem the
already high livestock death toll, vaccines against foot-and-mouth disease (FMD), Hemorrhagic Septicaemi (HS), Enterotoxaemia (ETV) and Lumpy Skin are needed, as well as animal antibiotics, animal multivitamins, antipyretics, syringes with needles, and animal sheds and fodder.

Relief machinery and equipment

To facilitate the relief efforts of the Government, generators of different volt amps are needed, as well as
dewatering pumps with a range of different horsepower for use in different conditions. Also needed are
water bowsers, water rescue vehicles, high-wheel evacuation vehicles, wheel excavators, dumpers, cranes, graders, all-terrain vehicles (ATV) and 50-meter Bailey Bridges.

Relief Activities for Flood Victims:


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Priority needs – Flood 2022 in Pakistan

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