Support & Sponsorship

Support & Sponsorship consists of providing vulnerable individual with monthly cash grants to help them negotiate the rising costs of living and learning. 

Orphan Sponsorship

Of the many vulnerable members of society , orphans are amongst the most helpess. This is particularly the case in countries like Pakistan where there is little social support and basic social services are largely inadequate.

Poverty and the desperation it brings means many orphaned children, with a mother and siblings to support , undertake hard labour just to survive. Apart from fulltime care afforded to over 300 orphans at the academy in Sindh, SACH organization supports almost 1200 orphans – covering regions in Pakistan -with monthly cash allowances

Cash grants mitigate against the pressures of forced labour and allow children to focus on education and staying with their families. such grants are vital if families are to be compensated for their children being removed from work and sent to school.

Widows Support

Lacking the mobility and access in society that men have, widows in less developed countries such as Pakistan often struggle to obtains an income or social support. A widow and her orphaned children can end up being vulnerable and prone to exportation.

SACH Organization makes the honour and dignity of widows a priority in its relief programmers.

The Charity has provided monthly assistance to 1,388 widows from Pakistan. Over 214 widows are currently being provided with monthly assistance.