Zakat Policy

We’re committed to collecting and distributing Zakat in accordance with Sharia, and in an honest and ethical manner. We believe this is paramount to fulfilling our organisational values, such as Ihsaan (excellence) and Amana (custodianship). Therefore, we have enlisted the expertise of some of the leading and most respected Islamic scholars to form an independent Zakat Advisory Board and uphold SACH’s Zakat Policy.

The Zakat Advisory Board, made up of a group of respected scholars, have ratified our Zakat policy and will provide oversight and verification of the distribution of Zakat by SACH Charitable Organization.

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Admin / or Support Cost – Direct Support and Indirect Costs

  • Direct Cost: Direct project delivery costs that include programme costs and country office costs.
  • Direct Support Costs: Link directly to the project but are shared between different projects/ services.
  • Indirect Costs: These include IT, HR, or finance costs that cannot directly be linked to the project.

Poverty: According to the United Nations, poverty is the inability to have opportunities, and a violation of human dignity. It means the lack of basic capacity to participate effectively in society. It means not having enough to feed and clothe a family, being unable to access education or healthcare, not having assets from which to generate a dignified living, and not having access to credit. It means insecurity, powerlessness and exclusion of individuals, households, and communities. It means susceptibility to violence, and often implies living in marginal or fragile environments, without access to clean water or sanitation.

Rightsholders: Individuals or social groups that have particular entitlements in relation to duty-bearers. Duty-bearers are defined as state or non-state actors, e.g., SACH, that have the obligation to respect, protect, promote, and fulfil the rights of rightsholders. A directly reached rightsholder will have either registered and received one or more project/programme inputs from SACH or its SACH Family members, and/or participated as a registered attendee in activities organised by SACH or its SACH Family members, and/or had documented access to services provided by SACH or one of its SACH Family members.

Zakat:  One of the five pillars of the Islamic faith requiring Muslims who meet the necessary criteria to give a part of their wealth each year to a charitable cause.